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Betty The Shark - Cookie

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Ajoutée Aug 18, 2014

Official music video for the track Cookie, by Betty The Shark, from their first album Shepherd Of The Moon (download link: https://itunes.apple.com/fr/album/shepherd-of-the-moon/id876128758 )

Director: Damien "Mia" Caccia (from the collective 29 Octobre)
Hair styles: Amandine Sanchez
Filmed by Damien Caccia and Lee-Ann Curren

Charphil: Philip Caradona
Dawn: Lee-Ann Curren
Paul Bat: Paul Boutin
Heru: Heru Odyssey
El Cortizo: Cristian Cortizo
Shiya and Oshiya: Jessica Powell-Thomas
Shogun Mike: Jay from Texas
Void: Ibai from Irun

One Day One Song

Progressive / Psychedelic / Trip Hop

Cinéma/Séries TV

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